Reimagining Broker Back-Office & Carrier Payments

Increase efficiency and decrease back-office costs with Epay Manager Powered by OTR Solutions.

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About the Acquisition

The Strategic Fit

OTR Solutions enhances its fintech portfolio with the acquisition of Epay Manager, offering comprehensive back-office and carrier payment services to freight brokers. Epay Manager's focus on driving down broker cost per load and fostering stronger carrier relationships complements OTR's financing solutions and best in class freight audit capabilities, paving the way for unique, integrated offerings throughout the supply chain.

Benefits for Freight Brokers

Epay Manager introduces Audit Proof Invoicing, ensuring transparent and undisputed transactions with carriers and factors, fostering stronger relationships. Its platform streamlines POD collection and mitigates the inefficiencies of manual processes and paper checks, leading to significant cost savings. TMS integrations enhance invoice processing and provide real-time transparency into invoice statuses, promoting a significant reduction in manual dispute costs.

Epay Manager Powered by OTR Solutions Logo

“The acquisition of Epay Manager reflects our commitment to our ongoing mission of bringing value-enhancing solutions to the logistics industry. We are extremely excited about both the talented team and best in class back-office automation and carrier payments technology that will now be part of OTR’s suite of offerings to brokers.”

-OTR Solutions CEO, Fritz Owens

Key Features & Benefits


Audit Proof Invoicing + Expedited POD Retrieval

Get PODs faster, eliminate carrier disputes, and reduce shipper DSO by up to 14 days.


Seamless Carrier & Factor Interactions

Automate carrier and factor onboarding, decrease email and phone communications, and off-load vendor bank account management.


Integrated Working Capital Solutions

Protect your working capital, create new revenue streams, and foster stronger carrier relationships.

TMS Integrations

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Clearpath TMS
Full Circle TMS

“Combined with our existing cash flow and AI-driven freight audit products, the solution is now the most complete and compelling back-office automation and carrier payments platform in the industry,”

-OTR Solutions CEO, Fritz Owens

Epay Manager Powered by OTR Solutions Logo

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