transform your back-office & carrier payments with epay manager

Take control of your back office with Epay and decrease your cost per load with advanced automation and carrier POD retrieval.

Automate your processes

Share your data quickly and easily

Turn your back office into a profit center

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Take Control of Your Data and Workflow with Epay

We know you want to be a trusted and reliable broker. In order to do that, you need more efficiency in your settlement and billing processes. The problem is, there is a lack of control in your processes, which makes you feel frustrated.

We understand your frustration.

Epay’s platform helps you take control of your data and workflow to keep your customers and carriers happy.

The Benefits of Taking Control With Epay Manager

Accurate Data in Real Time

Organize and centrally store your information for easy access and review.

Full Transparency

Improve your carrier and customer relationships with full visibility of their transactions.

Reduce Stress

Eliminate unnecessary work for you and your team, resulting in less stress.

Do More With Less

Grow your company without increasing your staff.

Improved Focus

Automate and organize routine tasks so that your team can focus on what matters most.

Increase Profits

Use advanced tools to turn your back office into a profit center.

What Our Customers Say

For Over 15 years, Epay has helped companies of all sizes take control of their processes and achieve an accuracy of over 98% in their billings and settlements. Here are some of our trusted Partnerships.

End-to-End Efficiency With Epay Manager


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Integrate Your Data Into Epay Manager

We’ll create an integration with your TMS to seamlessly share data with Epay.


Take Control of Your Accounting Processes

Well train you to use the tools you need to take control of your processes so you can have better accuracy in your invoicing and settlements.


Here are some free resources that can assist you with your implementation of Epay Manager.


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Epay Manager Overview

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Small Carriers


Save Small Truckload Carriers

Inbound logistics

Meeting the Pepsi Challenge


Growth thru Back Office Automation

Freightwaves - Increase Profit


Back Office Profit Centers for Brokers

Live Logistics and Epay


A Winning Strategy

Beating the System


Beating the System

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See the Forest for the Trees

Importance of Integrations


Choosing a Software Provider

Freightwaves Surviving Stagflation


Surviving Stagflation

Inflation - Freightwaves




A/P Procedures

Sample language about Epay for your carrier contract.

Carrier Benefits

An overview of the benefits to your carriers.


Notify your carriers about your move to Epay.

Office Memo

Explain the Epay process to your office staff.

Modernize Your Back Office

Epay is the first web based application designed for the broker’s back office. Learn more about Epay and its evolution.

The Top 5 Mistakes Brokers Make When Paying Their Carriers

Download a FREE copy of the “The Top 5 Mistakes Brokers Make When Paying Their Carriers” and create the efficient processes you need to make your carriers happy.


Companies of any size can benefit from using Epay Manager.
Choose the pricing option that best matches your needs:


Ideal for Brokers Managing Less Than
200 Loads Per Week
Flat Fee Per Transaction
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic Payments
  • Discounting Module
  • Free Systems Integration
  • Extended Support
  • Custom Programming


The Perfect Choice for Large Companies
Managing Thousands of Loads Per Week
Flat Rate Per Year
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic Payments
  • Discounting Module
  • Free Systems Integration
  • Extended Support
  • Custom Programming
  • ACH Payment File Origination
  • Unlimited Users


Great for Companies that Prefer
Strategic Relationships
Share Per Discount
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic Payments
  • Discounting Module
  • Free Systems Integration
  • Extended Support
  • Custom Programming

Stop Losing Ground on the Market

Your outdated systems and technology may already be costing you money. Stop losing ground to your competitors. Instead, schedule a demo today so you can take control of your processes and reduce the stress and workload of your team.

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