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Software Highlights
Epay Manager is an electronic payment system designed for the transportation industry. It allows your company to pay carriers by transferring money directly from your checking account. The system is available using equipment you already own. To get started, all you need is an email address, internet access and a United States bank account. Epay integrates with your existing software by using data from your dispatch system to create, process and pay invoices. It completes the payment cycle by sending information to your accounting software.
  Eliminates Paper and Mail Time
Electronic documentation reduces cost by eliminating the time accounts payable departments spend opening mail, sorting, copying, creating and retrieving files. Because shippers receive P.O.D.'s electronically, mail time and storage costs are eliminated and the payment cycle is shortened to the carrier.

  Extensive Reporting & Auditing Tools
Epay offers extensive reporting and auditing tools to help shippers analyze and manage data. These tools provide shippers with the ability to forecast cash, reconcile accounts and search for current and historical transactions.

  A Better Alternative to Outsourcing
Epay doesn’t require a shipper to pre-fund a disbursement account. All disbursements are made directly from a shipper’s current bank account, when they are due, allowing a shipper to more profitably allocate idle funds. With Epay, a shipper can efficiently manage and maintain an in-house A/P department and offer multiple & faster payment terms to its carriers in exchange for discounts. These payment options can reduce the direct costs a shipper incurs by more than 2%.
Epay Advantages
Epay offers a flexible alternative to your current transportation payable process. The system helps organize, manage, and maintain all pertinent payment data. Additional benefits to using Epay Manager include:
  Improved efficiency & productivity through automation
  Custom approval sequences
  Multiple payment term options
  Auto payment capabilities
  Electronic invoices & rate agreements
  Integrated document imaging for POD's
  Complete transaction audit logs
  Custom systems integration