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Gain control of your processes, costs and cash flow, and improve your company’s profitability

Improve Your Cash Flow

Invoice your customers faster, more accurately and with fewer steps.

How It Works

Streamlining your receivables, payables and document collection processes will improve all facets of your business, and it can happen in 3 easy steps:





We connect your software to Epay to accurately create your carriers’ invoice, using data from your TMS.



To make sure your go live date is smooth, our team will assist with set-up and train you and your carriers.



Your company can now win the best carriers, win new business, and grow without adding staff.


What We Do

Our system provides a variety of back office services including:


Document Imaging

When carriers upload delivery documents to Epay, they can be used to simultaneously approve the carrier’s payment and bill your customer.

Electronic Payment

Funds are transferred directly from your bank account to your carriers’ bank account, with no float time.

Automated Discounts

Our flexible discounting module allows you to offer early payment options to carriers, which can add thousands of dollars to your company’s bottom line.

Ready to See It?

Let’s discuss the challenges your company faces and see how our application might help you.

What Our Customers Say

We now have a system that allows us to exchange electronic invoices with our carriers, resolve disputes, collect delivery documents, and make direct deposits to carrier accounts. Epay also allows us to classify and attach documents to invoices it automatically creates and sends to our customers. We significantly reduced the time and cost to pay a carrier, and create and send a customer invoice.

Adrianne Almazan, Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc

LiVe Logistics

The last thing I wanted to do is get caught up spending 50% of my day doing paperwork. When I saw Epay Manager, and what it can do, obviously it was worth a shot. It's literally saved me a person.

Adam WakefieldLiVe Logistics

AMAC Logistics

We give our carriers the same customer service that we give our customers. The main question a carrier has for a company like ours is 'What's my payment status?' We used to spend a large portion of our day with those calls. Now that the carriers can access their payment information online, see what payment dates are, verify themselves whether their invoices are in our system...I don't know that we can say we've 100% eliminated those calls, but we've greatly, greatly reduced them.

Doug HazenAMAC Logistics

Partnerships & Integrations

Here are some of the systems we’ve worked with that can contribute your success.


Here are some free resources that can assist you with your implementation of Epay Manager.

A/P Procedures

Sample language about Epay for your carrier contract.

Carrier Benefits

An overview of the benefits to your carriers.


Notify your carriers about your move to Epay.

Office Memo

Explain the Epay process to your office staff.


Companies of any size can benefit from using Epay Manager.

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