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Cutting costs and increasing efficiency have always been a priority for successful businesses. These activities take on even greater importance in the transportation industry, where many companies experience low profit margins. Epay Manager provides the tools you need to streamline costs and increase productivity.

The following content outlines a comparison between traditional processing procedures, and the benefits companies stand to gain by using to Epay Manager.

TIA Logistics Journal Articles Type Size
Are Carriers Ready for Electronic Payment? (PDF) (116kb)
Electronic Invoicing & Payment in the Transportation Industry (PDF) (116kb)
Options for Electronic Processing (PDF) (104kb)
Vendor Comparison (PDF) (108kb)
Document Imaging (PDF) (104kb)
Stimulate Growth with Early Payment Options (PDF) (112kb)
Reflections on the TIA Meeting (PDF) (100kb)
Creating a Carrier Database for Electronic Payment (PDF) (96kb)
Beyond Electronic Invoicing and Payment (PDF) (112kb)
Research Type Size
Method Comparison - Epay Manager vs. Traditional (PDF) (96kb)
Ernst & Young Study - True Cost of Processing a Freight Bill (PDF) (100kb)
Additional Resources

The following resources will assist you in evaluating Epay Manager as a system that can reduce accounts payable processing costs for your company.

  eTrucker - "Faster Cash" (By Aaron Huff)
  IOMA - Comprehensive study of a typical payment cycle.
  NACHA - Organization developing electronic solutions to improve payments system.
  eBilling - Electronic Payment and Presentment Educational Resource